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About Us - Kindervalley Montesssori Philosophy

Kindervalley Montessori Academy is a new private school established in 2012 in Altadore. (SW Calgary) We are proud to offer an authentic Montessori education from 19 months to 5 years. We believe in the principle of "Help me do it myself" -  Education for independence not just for school, but for life. This starts in early childhood. 

This period in a child's development is unique.  They possess what is referred to as the "Absorbent Mind", which allows for an unprecedented level of assimilation of their environment. Just like a sponge, their brains soak up all types of information in their environment to eventually establish memory and the ability to reason. We aim to foster this growth by enabling every child to initiate learning in a supportive, prepared learning environment. 

Our trained directresses guide our children or our "little scientists" in helping them discover and develop their unique capabilities. Under the Prepared Environment, our students are encouraged to  experiment, trying new things whilst having the freedom to truly be themselves. 

Kindervalley Montessori Academy is unique in its hands-on interactive approach of authentic Montessori materials  and also its low student-to-teacher ratio. This allows for a family-like learning environment which allows every teacher to help children learn at their own pace and to their full potential.

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