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Admission Procedure & Important Information


The initial step of our application is the waiting list

Once the KMA administration is contacted via email ( we send the "Information Request Form" to fill and revert to the same. Afterwards, your child’s Information will be kept according to the required program with the date of submission for the enrollment process.

After finalizing the enrollment process a member of our admissions team will contact you to arrange a family meeting tour and interview with our Administrator. During this tour, we will introduce you to certain Montessori methods and explain the science behind the methodology. Parents will also have an opportunity to observe real classroom time. 

The school tour and meeting is a mandatory process. KMA's policy is to ensure that the needs of every student child are being met, and to provide a premier and authentic Montessori education experience at all age levels.

Submission of Application

Once the family meeting and tour are completed, a final application form will be given of the registration fee and required information about your child. An official school orientation will be scheduled where the school principal will introduce our school's rules and regulations to the new family. KMA's parent handbook and child supplies will be delivered also on the date orientation.

Thank you for considering Kindervalley Montessori Academy, We look forward to seeing you soon!

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