"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn." Maria Montessori 
​Montessori Infant Program - Nido Program (12 -18 months)

The Nido Program is a full day program for infants 12-18 months old.

Infants are born with tremendous potential. They are eager to learn, explore and try out new experiences. At KMA, we provide a calm, but stimulating learning environment for infants with carefully selected sensory materials for both gross motor and fine motor skills. They will learn in a natural environment both indoors and outdoors with specialized Montessori teachers. It is important that secure attachment style bonding is formed with the child through a strong trusting relationship that will help prepare them emotionally and socially into adulthood.

​Montessori Toddler Program - Bambini Program (19 months - 3 years)

The Bambini Program is a full day program for toddlers 19 months-3 years old. 

The first six years of life is known as the "Absorbent Mind" in which the brain is developing new pathways and creating a foundation upon which future learning and development will take place. During this period, Dr. Maria Montessori grouped a child's particular sensitivity to each part of growth as a "Sensitive Period" which corresponds to your child's age. 

In the ages of 19 months to 3 years, the role of an adult is to provide a physical environment that suits the child's developmental needs. It is important to distinguish how a child learns from an adult. A child learns physically, and through interaction with the environment and the objects in it. A child's brain receives sensory inputs through sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. There needs to be a link to the physical environment in developing the brain.

At KMA, we focus on the exploration of the prepared environment through guided experimentation. In accordance to the developmental stage of the child, toddlers will begin the foundation for who they are to become. KMA supports the young children in forming their self-esteem, social skills and independence and helps build skills in:

i.) Sensory and Perception

ii.) Self-help

iii.) Language

iv.) Physical and Motor Skills

v.) Social and Emotional Growth

Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten Program - Jr. Casa (3-4 years) & Casa Program (over 4 years) - Intensive Academic Montessori Learning Program

The Junior Casa & Casa Program is a half day/extended program which will be a unique, mixed-age classroom environment for children 3-4 years old for the Jr. Casa program and over 4 years for the Casa Program. The Casa Program will require students to have previous Montessori Learning Experience.

The KMA primary classroom provides an academically rich curriculum within a well-ordered social community. This designed program assists children to build a sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence. With the trained directress, the Jr. Casa & Casa Program will explore the concepts of:

i.) Language Arts

ii.) Mathematics

iii.) Science and Nature

iv.) Sensorial

v.) Cultural Awareness

vi.) History

vii.) Geography

viii.) Music and Movement

ix.) Cooking and Nutrition

Special Program - Extended Program 

The Extended Program is a full-day program designed for students to have an extra-curricular program with a dynamic range of experiences.

KMA's Extended Program will include:

i.) French Lesson - Students will explore the French language through the curriculum. Students will be participating in the variety of French activities that include the French alphabet, word formation, parts of speech, and proper grammar usage according to each child's level. The lesson will include songs, games, gestures and vocabulary.

ii.) Creative Art Class - This class will be provided as an opportunity to discover the child's creative inner side and express themselves through Art. The teacher will explore various artists and styles of Art. 

iii.) Music Class - Students will explore music through songs, dance and rhythm making in class. Students will also be exposed to all types of musical instruments in addition to music theory. The music curriculum will include instruction to understanding music composition, music dynamics and note placement. Students will also be exposed to many types of composers and music history.

iv.) Gymnastics + Tae-Kwon-Do Class - Led by a fitness professional and instructor, the physical education curriculum will engage students to be active in their daily lives. This curriculum will assist in proper cardiovascular and muscle development. Through physical activities, students will develop their agility, balance and coordination in addition to the social aspects of sport such as cooperation, sportsmanship and leadership.

Summer Camp Program 

KMA will be offering educational summer programs! 

Our authentic Montessori extra-curriculum program and summer programs will be combined to provide continuing education during the summer season. These programs will be a fun and exciting experience for our students who will explore and apply what they have learned during the school time! Our highly qualified staff and instructor will guide the summer school students in the following areas:

i.) Science Experiments

ii.) Ecology Observation Outdoors

iii.) Gardening and Planting

iv.) Fun Farm - Visiting Farm Animals

v.) Mini Camping (Backyard)

vi.) Introduction to World Music and Dance

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